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January 13, 2008

Minnesota Facts and Trivia :)

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So, I’ve lived in Minnesota for a little over six months now… and I love it! Here are some interesting MN facts and trivia 🙂 that I found online:

– The Mall of America in Bloomington is the size of 78 football fields — 9.5 million square feet.

– Minneapolis is home to the oldest continuously running theater (Old Log Theater) and the largest dinner theater (Chanhassan Dinner Theater) in the country.

– The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country.

– The Guthrie Theater is the largest regional playhouse in the country.

– Minneapolis’ famed skyway system connecting 52 blocks (nearly five miles) of downtown makes it possible to live, eat, work and shop without going outside.

– Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the country.

– The climate-controlled Metrodome is the only facility in the country to host a Super Bowl, a World Series and a NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship.

– Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.

– The stapler was invented in Spring Valley, MN.

– The first Children’s department in a Library is said to be that of the Minneapolis Public Library, which separated children’s books from the rest of the collection in Dec. 1889.

– Rollerblades were the first commercially successful in-line Roller Skates. Minnesota students Scott and Brennan Olson invented them in 1980, when they were looking for a way to practice Hockey during the off-season. Their design was an ice hockey boot with 3 inline wheels instead of a blade.

– The first Intercollegiate Basketball game was played in Minnesota on February 9,1895.

– Candy maker Frank C. Mars of Minnesota introduced the Milky Way candy bar in 1923. Mars marketed the Snickers bar in 1930 and introduced the 5 cent Three Musketeers bar in 1937. The original 3 Musketeers bar contained 3 bars in one wrapper. Each with different flavor nougat.

– Minnesota has one recreational boat per every six people, more than any other state.

– Minnesota’s waters flow outward in three directions: north to Hudson Bay in Canada, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and south to the Gulf of Mexico.

– Polaris Industries of Roseau, MN invented the snowmobile.

– Twin Cities-based Northwest Airlines was the first major airline to ban smoking on international flights.


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